katrina, brah.

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so, this is me.  august twenty eighth two thousand five.  standing in the middle of broadway, i felt invincible.  looking back it was probably the crown royal.  but there i was facing the storm.

i used to live on the corner of sycamore and short street, near the claiborne carrollton intersection of town.  this picture was taken from the neutral ground.  it was so sunny outside the day after the storm hit.  water started to rise.  the perspective of this picture seems to be ninja destruction.  the sun was shinning, the water wasn't that bad at the time, and everything seemed like it was a normal storm. ninja.
having to seek more supplies from a nearby neighbor, we tried to drive down the street. no go. then we tried to drive through the park. no go. the storm created obstacles. they were everywhere, physical and mental.  but maybe that is why new orleans people differ, it is not about the obstacle in your path, but how you respond.  necessity is the mother of invention.
this was my favorite picture of the thousands that i took.  it is simple, ironic, and deep.  it is in an evacuation sign during a storm.  the sign is pointing up.  do you evacuate with a higher power, or just continue going straight, to river road?
destruction was everywhere.  a building fell on top of this range rover in the central business district.  riding around the city, with no rules but a moral compass was a pretty powerful experience.  right and wrong were not held together by police or the governing body, but by the constitution inside each person to do the right thing, or not, there was plenty of both.

the storm wrecked most of the city, but strengthened some friendships.  i had the good fortune of being friends with some pretty solid people.  with no power, no answers, the only real thing that we had was perspective. and some rain was not going to compromise the perspective.

yobreaux.com was something a group of friends and i had started throwing around the phrase before katrina. most of the t shirts got washed away, lost or just not here, so please be on the look out.  if you happen to see a yobreaux.com shirt, coozie or visor, know what it means, to miss new orleans.

trying to hold up a tree. it was all ready tilted, and i just posed for the picture.  please do not think i held up this tree.  it was merely a photo opportunity.

and so, we left new orleans for a little while, and discovered a whole new universe, AMERICA.

i did not know that today was the anniversary of a storm that hit new orleans in 2005, but after reading various social media outlets it became apparent, today was the anniversary of hurricane katrina, brah.  wow.  what to say about the storm that affected people, good and bad.  i have a story, but so does everyone. survivor guilt was the weirdest feeling for a while.  people had lost so much. i didn't have anything at the time but a dog.  i mean, i had a lot of stuff, clothes, electronics, kitchen equipment, but nothing that can not be replaced, except for my dog.  so the story goes, i stayed in new orleans until wednesday i believe.  i was given shelter by some very good people, and beyond shelter, there was a comfort in being with family and friends that seemed to be the lasting memory or feeling.  after spending a week or so with these very good people, i ended up going on a road trip.  originating in florida with an original destination of pittsburgh, so that i could see my family.

the first stop and the last stop were the same place.  lexington kentucky.  we were taken in by new orleans folk who happened to attend kentucky for college.  wow. kentucky was green and beautiful.  for some reason the road trip seemed to break down the notions or expectations i had of other places in the united states.  sites, sounds, and the food were all different than i had eaten, and thought the world to be.  after the storm, i realized the world wasn't flat, and other cultures exist outside of new orleans.

after kentucky the journey continued to the northeast.  tune in for the next installment, on what happened in the north east.  it isn't exciting, but it was too me.