my pennsylvania trip.

for those about to read, i salute you.

last week i had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the great state of pennsylvania. wow.  america is such an amazing place, and i think sometimes we overlook our own beauty.  i grew up in new orleans, a very complex and simple place with whisps of europe throughout, architecture, food, words, street names, everywhere.  having been to a few places in the united states of america, it seems sometimes we are not united as one, but comparing our town with another town.  in the comparison, often times the simple things are taken for granted, and the larger more trackable data points are the information we use for the comparison.  so #JOMO. the joy of missing out.  with new orleans in my mind, waiting comfortably for me to return, pennsylvania was just pennsylvania. a state with wide open spaces of green, grey, and white.  the smells at night where tarragon, hay, and fresh cut grass, with the arid climate the wind just seemed lighter than the humid origin i had come from. (comparison) at night they had fire flies. no shit. fire flies, not the owl city song, but actual bugs that light up at night.  

with all the smells and sunsets fresh on the dome, it was just in its general nature that i started to cook.  i/we cooked a different meal every day, and sometimes a lunch idea or late night snack came to fruition from the leftovers.  the highlight of the meals, aside from the simple fact i was cooking for family, in a cool place, was the opportunity to play sous chef to my niece's chef du cuisine skills for a night.  what matters most, isn't the taste of the food, although it was outstanding, but the interaction of two generations, one learning from the next, and hopefully making an impression on one or the other that will carry on.  two sauces, five cooking techniques, three courses, and home made bread.  the recipes can be written on paper, and anyone could have had the same food, but.  WE cooked the food, ate the food, and enjoyed the feeling of having a family dinner together. no comparisons, a present moment that created a memory, and you can not read that off of a paper or computer screen, but.  you can create your own moments and memories by turning off your phone every now and again, and pay attention to the very cool things that are in front of all of us. 

#(hashtag) also want to give a shout out to a great group of friends that hosted a stellar sunday football experience.  knowing people for a long time is pretty cool.  without any pretense, good people are good people.  hope to cook for all of you soon.