so writing is one thing and cooking is another.  but what about eating? i like to eat more than i like to cook.  more being a very relative word, i mean they're both pretty fucking amazing. and the words help, because then people get to find out what to eat, how to eat, where to eat, and what not to eat.  tying all of this together is the fact that i have been eating around the city, yaknow just to see whats out there.  and the city is doing really well.  the food is varied all over the city.  where we were once under the impression, or at least i was, that a filet with crabmeat and béarnaise was the grandest of cuisine to be had in the city.  today i had a slider at a coffee shop, pasta/pizza at a "restaurant", coconut milkshake at a juice bar, and then finally a little more coffee at a "starbucks." all of this whilst running into two peeples i hadn't seen in a good while.  so after all this discussion, what does any of it mean.

do things well, because it matters.

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