giving thanks.

this time of year always emphasizes a recap of sorts on your life.  what have i accomplished since this time last year?  i am not a historian nor an academic, so the way i measure my years may be a bit different.  for instance, the simple ability to say the name of the business i work at without thinking (too much) has only taken three months since the first miss pronunciation. noice.

so what do i have to be thankful for? pretty much everything.  but at the basis...i have a roof, i have a dog, and i have a kindrid spirit.  over the last year i have learned more about dyslexia.  this understanding has allowed me to convey my ideas/thoughts in a better way and also has made me feel special(and not stupid).  with this understanding now focused on food and wine, which  have been always there, but now fully developed in understanding, it feels good.  it is hard to explain my thankfulness for food, so i just gave to show people every time i cook. 

i really want to thank the people that have helped me realize my abilities, in spite of me.

everyday is a thankful day. 

lookout 2014, im gunna 4ya.