food is simple.

for those who might read this, yeahyouright.  i like to cook food, and find that cooking easier for me than speaking, or communicating in general.  putting the hours into studying my craft has seemed to pay-off.  not necessarily in a financial sense, although, as an old friend once told me, everything i need, i have, everything i want, i can get.  so what has the pay-off been?  it has been a calm confidence in a tangible skill.  having focused a tremendous amount of energy, money, and emotion, i am fluid with flavors.  and this isn't an overnight sensation.  i did not go to cooking school, and subsequently get kicked out, to become a chef.  i went to cooking school in order to polish the raw emotion and add some science to my repertoire.  the amount of people that pay attention to food has grown incredibly since i was a young L'Enfant.  people are crowding into a once looked down upon profession, and their motives are their own.  but my motives, cook the best food, meet the most people, and affect my community in a positive way. 

why did i write this?  i have been called a lot of things in my life, but arrogant has been at the top of the list.  i like what i do, eat it. so if you read this, much appreciated. 

keep tuned in.