if you can tell time by looking at the sun each day, you have an amazing skill.  but with death comes the end of that skill.  if you are able to look at the sun long enough, and with the right vision, you can build a clock.  in building the clock, a individual's skill can be passed on after they are no longer with us.  i read that in a business book under the parable of clockbuilders versus time tellers.  i think it was success: built to last.

i used to not like books.  mainly because it is a chore and people always told me what to read.  but after coming into contact with some smart people, and being a little bit competitive i started to read about something i love, food.  i also read a lot about business, philosophy, and psychology.  they all seemed to make sense.  one tying into another, each one adding new insight into the other subjects.  reading about food from a century ago is transcending, a bit of a time machine in a shared craft.  making a stock the correct way allows me to feel connected to the overtone of progressive gastronomic endeavors.  i have not contributed in no way shape or form to this overtone, yet.

i got some pretty cool books for Christmas: mugaritz, coi, faviken, to the bone, daniel, d.o.m., i heart new york, modern french cooking.  i started with paul liebrandt's take on being a chef.  the beginning bodes well for it being a pretty cool book.  anytime someone is confident enough to bear there soul on paper, and also allow their pure emotion show on a plate, its a good read.  the other interesting point was the marco pierre white references in the beginning.  i read white heat while riding a subway train every morning at five thirtu to manhattan from Brooklyn, and it made me feel cool for doing it.  these real tales of the kitchen life also shed light on the subject of not being in the kitchen, and the connection that you are always there, tasting, looking, thinking about the food, how it should look, what the lighting should be, what it should smell like.  it is a sensation that can only be felt and not necessarily explained.  and thankfully i am able to feel and recreate the flavors and emotions which best describe what i am trying to say about the ingredients and how i want to present them.

the flavors for 2014 are going to be brash but simple, good looking and flavorful.

hope to cook for you soon.