music and food.

i like music.  i like food. and to me, they are one in the same.  it is just a difference of one hitting on the ear and the other on the palate.  each one in its own right can affect a person.  i listen to a lot of music, and always have since a young wee little l'enfant.  growing up the music i listened to was what my father enjoyed, and it was/is a pretty wide array of bands.  i can remember listening to the toto song 'roseanna' riding around, in my head it is sunny and i am in the back seat.  the memorable part would be playing the drum solo on repeat fifteen times in a row.  that memory has shaped the way i listen to music even to this day.  the music i like has layers, gracefully placing new sounds into the original score, until it has peaked with the crescendo. good music has a purpose, good beats, good harmony, good temo, and above all, good words.

correlating this to food, i have worked in a lot of kitchens all over the country.  the music of a kitchen is a pretty good barometer of what the food or personality of a certain kitchen feels like.  some kitchens choose not to have music, respect.  i have never been more focused on my food and thoughts in relation to cooking than in silence.  there is nothing to fill the air, but your own passion.  other kitchens choose to listen to angry heavy metal-type music.  this is not my style, and often felt like i was in a psychology experiment: taunted by insecure cooks for being the new guy, the stress of working the line, and the overtone of angry loud music. eventually the kitchen would win, and i would take my cooking and bad jokes elsewhere.  the best kitchen music is something you can dance to/with.  while in the service of the vegetables, a dance of flavors and ideas seem to coalesce into beautiful food.

i do not have the ability to share my thoughts in completely understandable words, yet.  but just like cooking the more i write, the more i am able to express my thoughts in a readable manner.

keep reading, its only gonna get better, brah.