Eggs, Eggplant, Carrots.


So here's what's going on.

Eggplants are amazing, and when sliced length-wise, the flesh to skin ratio is greatly increased.  Next step, score the eggplant with cross hatch marking a little below the surface. Mixing together some spices with salt and sugar, its a curing process, removing some water from the inside and flavoring the remaining vegetable parts.  Seasoning in the picture above was provided by my bastardized harissa.  Caraway, cumin, fennel seed, coriander, and whatever else was lying around the kitchen or garden made there way into the mix.  Once seasoned, I left the eggplants at room temperature for two hours, marinate brah.  Once marinate, the eggplant was patted dry, extremely dry, seasoned and seared in some oil.  The flavor profile on this particular eggplant was lamb, no shit, somehow with the mix of spices and the integrity of the eggplant, lamb appeared on my palate.  Pay no mistake though, its not fucking lamb, no fat cap that tastes like grass. 

Why put an egg on top of an eggplant? The name eggplant has the word egg in it, so I used an egg.

The carrots were a pretty cool condiment.  The same harissa spice was mixed with some siracha, shaved carrots, and radish sprouts direct from the garden. Left for a few days, the sprouts, with their minimal flesh to water ratio, relented and gave way to release their phosphorus phunk into the mix.  After two days in the fridge, the mix was potent and could almost make anything taste better, or at least more ethnic.